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Highlights of Process Engineering Experience
Process narrative for unit reference manuals plus "Fire & Gas" for Wheatstone LNG plant
Integrity reviews: Process basis of design, philosophies, PFDs, PIDs of Shetland Gas Plant
Petrofac in-country coordinator with TurkmenGaz, CNPC & Hyundai on FEED, Early works
Managed interfaces with Dow licensors for ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and chlorine manufacture on Ras Tanura Integrated Project
Systems Lead on Gasoline Benzene Reduction and heat integration for W R Borger refinery
Sr. Systems engineer on Kero Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking for grassroots  Marathon Garyville; Offsites / Utilities / HSE systems design for Gasoline Desulfurization
Team member evaluating extra heavy crude oil alternate to North slope for BP, focus on merchant Hydrogen plants, Calciner SOx/NOx evaluations, fuel gas/steam balances
Led initial design of Mobil Europe 3-refinery project for plant & lab performance monitoring
Deployed portable software to estimate product yields from limited crude oil assays, calculate value of spot tanker purchases. During Iran-Iraq war, trained worldwide in 3 weeks!
Supervised 5 staff in applications and databases for operations, labs, maintenance, engineering, planning in a $1.2 billion complex (natural gas-methanol-gasoline)
After O&U acceptance test, implemented plant-wide databases, with graphical charts on-line for process unit and product quality performance assessments and trends
Tuned detailed methanol process simulation models to plant data for process optimization, and steam system dynamic control settings, resulting in accurate product yield and quality prediction plus safer, more reliable response to process upsets
Co-author and analyst of failure causes in $20 million steam/natural gas reformer damage
Achieved 9% increase over the design capacity of twin 2,000 tonne/day methanol plants
Analysis & solutions for energy conservation at research, commercial and military facilities
Ran crude oil simulation for three refinery expansions, developed unit process equipment specifications, and did instrument loop commissioning. set-points and alarms
Conducted refinery startups and control panel operator/field operator on-the-job training