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Managing P&IDs from
Studies to “As-Builts”

2011-2012   TOTAL Shetland Gas Processing
Recommended strict markup procedures and Management of Change for P&IDs, Safety Critical documents and documents key to Integrity. Audited HAZOP closure to ensure properly done.

2008–2009    Borger Gasoline Benzene Reduction
Systems Area Lead for multiple units, including major heat integration,  P&ID responsibility for PHA comments into IFD release, updating with LOPA/SIL decisions. Also responsible for “Management of Change” through IFC

2006–2007   Amoco Yorktown and Marathon Garyville

  • Senior Systems Engineer for S-Zorb Unit – competitor to ExxonMobil ScanFiner technology.
  • P&ID Lead for FEL2 to FEL3 on Hydrocracker and Kerosene Hydrotreater through to IFD.

2005–2006   BP Cherry Point, WA state
Senior engineer in “Design to Capacity” de-bottlenecking of coker plus technical specs for merchant hydrogen plant. Set up link to refinery for hourly “PI” baseline data”. Our studies created PFDs, updated P&IDs

1990-1992   Mobil R& D Corp, Princeton
Part of the group in Princeton responsible for FCC technology licensing (e.g. Atomax nozzles). My first task was in validating competing versions of in-house proprietary “MAPS” which predicted refinery yields for e.g. cracking and reforming units, given only a slate of crude oil assays. My second role was Team Lead over engineers writing yield optimization routines for catalytic processes e.g. CCR,  semi-regen, fluid crackers and hydrotreaters. Data was pulled from a refinery’s “ProMIS” system - combination of “PI” and LIMS, standardized across Mobil plants.

1985–1989   N.Z. Synthetic Fuels Corp
Supervised a nine-person group to create “as-built” of all P&IDs for all units at N..Z SynFuel: a $1.2 billion NZ Government/Mobil “Gas-to-Methanol-to-Gasoline” project. The MTG unit used Mobil’s ZSM-5 catalyst to synthesize high-octane C5-C6 hydrocarbons as blendstock.

Mobil’s Startup Manager & Bob did Utilities performance tests, then he supervised Process Computer system’s staff for performance diagnostics, plus CAD group doing P&ID revisions, plus manage 18,000 CAD drawings.

1982 -1984  University of Auckland NZ
Bob r
eturned to the University due to impact of Iran-Iraq war on N Z Refining Corp’s light, sweet crude supply. Taught Process Analysis & Synthesis plus Senior year Design Project. This included developing scoping-level technology design, given a topic choice from relevant NZ industries. Teams of four had to develop Block Flow, Process Flow, Stream Summaries, Materials Selection (approach being adapted now by Rice University, in his latest role as Design Course Advisor)

1978   Ergon Refining, Vicksburg MS
Commissioned major refinery capacity expansion, including P&ID verification against Control Logi

1974, 1976  Gladieux Refinery, Ft. Wayne IN

  • Redesign for mixed crude slate (26º to 38º API),  then upgrade to make JP-5 military jet Fuel
  • Shared unit checkout responsibility, including all as-builts, then unit engineer during startup.